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There are millions of digital genealogy documents and records on FamilySearch and the number will eventually grow to billions.  When you find information in them about your ancestral families, how should you cite it as the source?

There are a number of formats used to cite sources in the research world.  Which should you use in your own records?  The choice is up to you ranging from examples in the Chicago Style Guide to either of Elizabeth Shown Mills excellent books.

Why Cite Sources


A consistent method for FamilySearch digital records is shown on the FamilySearch Research Wiki in the article, “How to Cite FamiliySearch Collections”..

The wiki article gives us examples of citations from several collections on FamiliySearch.  The presentation is easy to read, consistent with most citation formats and will be seen across all of the records and articles on FamilySearch, in the FamiliySearch Catalog and on the FamiliySearch Research Wiki.

FamilySearch Citation Examples


Additionally, the citation article continues by showing the wikitext format that should be used whenever any wiki author or editor adds these references to articles on the FamilySearch Research Wiki.

FamilySearch Wikitext Citation Format


The wikitext is straight forward and easy to create.  Simply fill the URL or wiki page reference in the appropriate spot and post the citation on your articles.

If any reader is not familiar with the wikitext formatting used on the Research Wiki, be assured that it is simple to use when creating your wiki articles.  See the Wikitext Cheatsheet for reference.

An additional wikitext aid “How to Convert a Microsoft Office Document into Wiki Format” should be considered by most new wiki authors.  The tools it mentions can make your wiki authoring easy.

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