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Many genealogy researchers are not aware of the Research Communities that have beenfswiki_skype_community created on Facebook and Skype by FamilySearch.

They offer a potential wealth of genealogy research knowledge to all of us in the form of the collective minds, skills and experience for researchers worldwide who belong to the groups.

Articles on the FamilySearch Wiki give the details about these communities and the related links to the respective communities.

The Facebook Community article includes a list of the current communities along with the invitation to suggest other communities along with instructions about joining groups on Facebook.



Similarly, the Skype Community article details information about the communities for that venue as well as instructions on how to join them, creating a new community and the relative benefits of the communities on either Skype or Facebook.




Take a look at the communities in both of these venues.  It will only take a few moments to recognize their value to yourself and to other researcher.

But a word of warning first … The communities are only as valuable as the input from their members.   You need to participate in them if you expect others to help you find answers to your own research questions.  If you don’t, the community will soon recognize you as a ‘Taker” not a “Giver”.  The issue will be self-correcting as you’ll soon see responses to your queries dry up.

Even through the communities are fairly new, I’ve already seen a number of ‘brickwalls’ fall thanks to the collective focus of the community teams.

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