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A large percentage of U. S. Citizens have ancestors or family members who fought in the U. S. Civil War.  Families, homes and states were destroyed during that conflict.  Genealogists rue not only those massive losses, but also the loss of so many records to the fires of war.

Have you ever tried to find any of your family members who may have fought in that terrible war?

The FamiliySearch Wiki contains a series of excellent articles to help you in your quest.  Let’s take a quick tour through just a few of the features and information presented in the wiki articles.

FS Wiki - Beginning Civil War Research


The article takes us through the research steps.

Civil War Research Step 1


You will be led to determine the side to which your family probably aligned.

Civil War States Map


You’ll want to take the free online Civil Ward research training on FamilySearch if you aren’t familiar with it.

Civil War Research Videos


Next you’ll need to find your soldier’s regiment and company in the state where they lived prior to joining the military. .

Civil War State Records


Click on the state where your ancestor lived to view the wiki articles related to it.

Civil War State Records


The military units from that state are listed to help in your research. 

Civil War State Military Units


Next, you’ll be directed to rosters of soldiers from the state.

Civil War State Records


Additionally, you’ll find that many ethnic groups and nationalities fought in the war.  Not everyone was from the traditional North or South as you learned in school.

Civil War Indian Records


Success in your quest will be much easier thanks to the wiki articles. 

Sit down.  Read the articles.  Learn how to research for Civil War records.  Map out your strategy and then use the resources listed in the articles to help find members of your family who served in the war.

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