Mariner’s Sky

A number of my ancestors were mariners.  I often think of how different the physical references were in our lives.

We do have one major reference in common though….. The Stars.  They used them to navigate and undoubtedly stared at them in wonder.  I stare at them in wonder too but unlike them, I have to leave the city lights to enjoy a clear view, while they, on their ships and boats, just had to turn their eyes skyward.

Did they realize how many suns and galaxies they were seeing?  No.  They didn’t have the references we have today thanks to super telescopes and space platforms like the Hubble.  In 100 years, will our descendants wonder if we realized how big and diverse the universe is when compared to their knowledge of the universe?    Will they compare our ancient technology to the technological wonders of their time?  They will…. but regardless of that fact, there is a common theme that extends through all generations of our family….. 

The heavens are big and beautiful and we are small.


Staring skyward with our mouths open in wonder is no doubt a family trait.

Sky full of stars

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