Getting Started With Family History

Browsing through the huge FamilySearch /LDS sites turned up a fascinating new page, titled “Getting Started with Family History”.  “Four Easy Steps to Help You Begin”.

FamilySearch Getting Started

The page actually does list just four steps to get started in genealogy research.  Each step has a brief how-to video and related document.  They have been boiled down to the essential elements that will help you become successfully engaged in genealogy research.

  • Step 1  –  Remember and Record
  • Step 2  –  Talk with Family
  • Step 3  –  Gather Your Records
  • Step 4  –  Choose an Ancestor (to start researching)

That’s it.  Watch the videos, fill out the research forms, make the effort to gather information and you’ll be ready to start your own ancestral research with the last known person on one of the branches of your pedigree chart. 

I noted the current address of the page did not include the familiar familysearch .org string in it, so it may change over time.  Even if it does, you won’t have any problem locating it again.  Simply perform a Google Search with these terms: Getting Started or Getting Started.

If you are a new genealogy researcher, visit the page, watch the videos, fill out the forms, gather known information from your family then sit back and marvel.  You are ready to start the research to find your ancestors. 

Your next step will be to visit the FamilySearch Wiki where you’ll search for the articles that cover the areas where your ancestor lived.  The wiki articles are full of historical background information and links to the records and locations that will help you find records about your ancestor.

The process works.  Give it a try.   Here’s to the best in your ancestral quest.

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