History of the Town of Bristol, New Hampshire

If you have ancestors that lived in or near Bristol, New Hampshire, then you want to historyofbristolread the “History of the Town of Bristol, Grafton County, New Hampshire, Vol II – Genealogies”

When I first encountered the book, I was on a date night with my wife.  After dinner on the town, we decided to stop at the BYU Harold B. Lee Library to see if they had any genealogy books.

It took us less than five minutes to decide to forego the planned movie and settle into research mode.

My wife found several gems about her ancestors and I came away with the find of the decade in my own ancestral quest.  

The History of the Town of Bristol, Grafton County, New Hampshire, contained the information about my 3rd great grandmother that I had sought for over twenty years.

Grandma Mary Adith Tirrill Farrar never lived in Bristol, but her father did at the end of his life when he moved there to live with her brother.  Hence her name and the names of her husband and children in the book along with the key dates and places I needed.

How a lady from Stewartstown, New Hampshire on the Canadian border, married an Englishman from Yorkshire in South Carolina and then died a few years later in Wisconsin is still a mystery to me, but thanks to the history, I found her records and burial location. 

If you haven’t looked through the old town history books like this one for your own ancestors, do yourself a favor and start browsing through them today.  They constantly surprise me with nuggets of information that I can’t find any where else.

Thanks yet again Google Books!

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