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FamilySearch offers a wealth of online genealogy training courses that span from training for newbies to experienced “old-hands” in research.

Let’s visit just a few titles on the main page of  the FamilySearch Learning Center.



Beginning Genealogy Courses.  If you are starting as a researcher, take time to review these courses before you start your research.



Genealogy Boot Camp by the popular speaker and presenter, Tom Kemp.



Finding Maximilian Parker.  Follow the research journey in finding the father of Butch Cassidy. 



Thinking Creatively About Research Problems.  Just because you can’t find your ancestor doesn’t mean their records don’t exist.  Your intent focus on basic research steps may be the problem.   Think outside of your existing paradigm. 



Using Android Devices for Genealogy.   Many if not most genealogists now carry smart phones and other handheld processing devices with them as they do research.  Android powered devices have taken over #1 in market share.  Learn how to maximize the use of yours as a research tool on your next genealogy research trip.



This is just a sample of the courses offered in the learning center.  To find a course that focuses on a particular subject, language or skill, simply click on the associated link on the left navigation bar.




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