Utah Index to Military Deaths, 1941-1953

Finding yet another genealogy resource when you least expect it is always a delight.

Enter the Utah Index to Military Death Certificates, 1941-1953.   When I stopped looking back way back in time to find ancestors, I decided it was time to find additional sources for events in the lives of extended family.   I’ve always noticed the deaths of young men whose death occurred during World War II and the Korean War, but had not taken the time to look for their death certificates.   I assumed that most of them died while serving in the military.

When the Utah Index to Military Death Certificates surfaced as a result of one search, I clicked on the link hoping that it would result in gold. 

It did.  

The page looked very familiar because it is part of the excellent collection of records made available by the Utah Division of Archives and Records Service.  I use the site all of the time to find Utah death certificates, but had totally forgotten about the Military Death Certificates on it.

Forgetting and then refinding a resource like this is just as good as finding it for the first time in my world.    If you haven’t lived on earth long enough to enjoy this experience with seemingly increasing frequency, be patient.  The gift will eventually come to you too.


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