Arizona Genealogy Birth and Death Certificates

Arizona is one of the genealogy enlightened states.  Genealogists love the Arizona Office of Vital Records because they have made the effort to put a wealth of digitized birth and death certificates online for free access by the public.

I haven’t seen the cost benefit ratio associated with records postings of this nature but the PR payout is stellar.  When genealogists gather and start talking shop, like we always do, inevitably the subject of vital records online for our home states comes up.

When we proudly proclaim that ‘our’ state Is thus enlightened, we exude that air of pride that is associated with any successful endeavor, even if we can only claim it because of our place of residence.   I think I remember my Arizona research friends actually buffing their fingernails on their breast when they’ve extolled the benefit of living in a genealogy smart state. 

Come on Arizonians.  You know you do it.  Claim it.   You deserve it.


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