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Do you have questions or want to make suggestions about the various FamilySearch sites?  Most users do.  The width and breadth of the content on FamilySearch is so huge it invariably invokes questions and comments.

Enter the FamilySearch Forums.  The comments on the forums re from users like you and me.  They are liberally sprinkled with with answers and suggestions by other users and by the support folks from FamilySearch.



The forums are broken down in categories that cover the majority of the FamilySearch sites.  Click on the name of the site that interests you.



Each site lists categories of the most asked questions.  One of the categories most frequently visited is Accounts and Signing In.  We all forget or mess up our passwords or username from time-to-time.  Click on the forum for a quick answer about how to retrieve them, if you don’t want  to use the Help link on the FamilySearch main page. 



Each category is full of conversation threads.  Scan through them to find a top of interest or search for the topic in the search field at the top of the page.



If you have questions or comments about the FamilySearch Wiki, visit that forum.



If you are one of the great FamilySearch Indexers and want to leave or follow a comment, visit the FamilySearch Indexing forum.



Visit the Forums when the next FamilySearch question comes to mind.  You’ll be surprised by the helpful information you’ll find in them.

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