Marriage Proposals That Won’t Be Forgotten

One thing is certain.  Our grandparents and great grandparents marriage proposalsproposal weren’t like the proposals today.

I’m not saying they weren’t as romantic.  I just saying that they didn’t enjoy the same production value as we see in many proposals today, let alone the notoriety.

Ladies and gents, lean back, and enjoy some of the current best of the crop.  It’s all about making memories that will last forever.

Mat and Ginny


Erica in Disneyoland


Isaac’s Lip-Dub to his Sweetpea


Josh and Brooke


On air surprise for Jenna Lee


Another weather presenter proposal


Wendell and Nina on national TV


Oooooh those weather presenters just attract marriage proposals. Marty and Kim


Angie and Jason


Kevin and Brittany
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