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Most genealogy researchers don’t think much about what goes on behind the scenes of online genealogy data storage.

Kent W. Huff of Spanish Fork, Utah is the patent holder of the “Genealogy Registry System”, U.S. Issued Patent #US6760731  .




The patent is popular as witnessed by other patents by Eastman Kodak, The Generations Network, Siemens, Ancestry, Sherwood Electronics and MyFamily referencing it in subsequent patents.

Item 1 of the list of subject matter claims is interesting reading.  Note the words, “All of the world’s genealogy records information on a computer” ….



The history introduction section of US6760731 is interesting reading.  At that point in time ( 15 March 2001), The Ancestral File, operated by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was noted as the most advanced system in that category.





Follow the above links if you want to read the details of the patents.  The geeks among us will find them interesting and they will inspire questions about other database and presentation patents in the world of genealogy. 

Once more, thanks to Google, the patents are online for all to read and retrieve.

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