German Script Tutorial at BYU

If you are a genealogy researcher, you are probably familiar with all of the excellent tutorial and research lessons available through FamilySearch.  If you are not, take advantage of them as soon as you can.  They are excellent.

I encountered a link to one that was developed by BYU and is part of the tutorial group.  I wish I’d have had this lesson long ago. 

The German Script Tutorial is excellent.  Even if you aren’t doing research in Germany, bookmark its address, just for the old script handwriting charts. 

Truth is, when you see the course pages, you’ll quickly succumb just like I did and take the full tutorial including the tests.   Learning to read the old German text will be almost as beneficial to you as it would if it was in Old English or other European languages.



Gothic Alphabet chart from the German Script Tutorial.


There are many courses available from BYU that genealogy researchers should either complete or review.  Do yourself a favor and visit the site today.

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