The Biography of Elder David Purviance

It seems like Google Books comes to the rescue of my stalled genealogy searchesDavid Purviance Biography in an reoccurring theme.

What birthday gift do you get for a son-in-law that has ‘everything’?  One of our sons-in-law has the stuff he wants except for enough free time to spend with his family and in hobbies.  Family always trumps hobbies, so his free hours are devoted to them as much as possible.

He has always been interested in genealogy, but marriage, multiple high level degrees, a high-level corporate position and then a crop of children has pushed the hobbies category well to the rear of his schedule.

Fortunately, his father-in-law loves genealogy research and can help him with that hobby.  I say fortunate, because researching his lineage gives his in-law’s an item to give him for his birthday presents that he actually wants and enjoys.   To be honest, if he had to pay for the time I invest in researching his family, his presents wouldn’t be as expensive as they are now.  

You fellow researchers know how it is, you couldn’t our wouldn’t pay for your own obsessive research time if that was your only option in finding your lineage.  Most of us couldn’t afford it, but as researchers, we can’t leave any clues that are clinging to a research bone alone, unchewed, unworried.

Thus it was in this particular quest.  A family surname popped up and it captured my interest.  It is time to work it to the bone and put some meat on the raw frame of names, dates and places.

Google Books provides one of those opportunities.  Enter the book:   The biography of elder David Purviance.  It is a treasure trove of information about the great uncle, cousins and ancestors of our son-in-law.   If you haven’t searched for books using just the surname of your ancestors on Google Books yet, do so.  You never know what will turn up.

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