Using Source Box on FamilySearch Tree

Now that the FamilySearch Tree has been opened up to the public, new users are delighted by the layout and design of the Tree.   The graphical interface and ease of use have its users cheering when they remember the more cumbersome interface of new FamilySearch.


Recently, FamilySearch added Source Box to FamilySearch Tree which allows users to add source images and records from the FamilySearch Indexed record to the records of their families.   mysourceboxlogo

It is easy to use and offers an easy way to add sources to records, which was rarely used by users of new FamilySearch.

Let’s take a look at the Source Box.

There are two ways to access Source Box; through the FamilySearch Tree and through a Historical Record on   In both cases, you MUST BE logged in to FamilySearch using your free FamilySearch account.  If you don’t have an account, click here for the Registration page.

Now that you are logged in, go the the FamilySearch home page if you aren’t automatically returned to it.   Search for then name of a family member or by going to the record collections for records from around the world by country.

When you find a record that pertains to a family member, click on the Source Box link at the top of the page and add it to your source box collection.








When you finish searching for records, click on the “My Source Box” link  to review and manage the records in your source collection.


Create Folder

Click on the "Create Folder" button to create a new folder for records for any family or person.  I typically name the folder by the head of the family.  The records in that folder represent everyone in the family while they lived with the head of the family.  When children moved out, their subsequent records are placed in their own head of family folder or in the person’s folder that fills that role.



Create Source

When you want to add sources that aren’t from the FamilySearch records, click on the "Create Source" button and enter the data about the source.  The fields include:  Source Title, Web Page (link), Where the Record is Found (Citation) and Describe the Record (Notes).



Move Sources to Folders

Add a check to the record or records you want to move then click on the Move button.and choose the folder for the family or person tied to them.




The sources can only be associated with one folder. 

Source Box Library

Once created, you can your source to any record in the Tree.  Go to their record, then click on the “Go to Source Box” link.




Simply shop from your Source Box collection any time you want to add it to a record.  You’ll add the detail of the source for each person when you fill out the "Reason" you are attaching the source, thus the "Reason" field = the "Detail" field.




Adding the source to the records of other family members is as simple as clicking on their name in on the individual’s record page where both their parents family and grandparents records are shown. 




Then repeat the process of adding the record from your Source Box.  Don’t forget to add the details of their source to the “Reason” field before you click OK.  The examples below don’t include the full details that I normally put in this field.  You’ll have to decide how much detail or description you want to include, especially for the sources that have images on FamilySearch.






Each source appears on the record of the person as soon s you click on “Attach” on the Reason frame.




The sources show in reverse order to their attachment entry.




FamilyTree is a great genealogy records tool.  Source Box makes its data viable due to the supporting source evidence for the records on it.

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