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During the years of my schooling, I often read about the War of 1812 in the UnitedStar_Spangled_Banner_flag States but had never heard of any ancestral families members who fought in it.  Interest in the war continued throughout the years but from a genealogy standpoint, it was an event associated with the ancestors of other people.  Not mine.

Then twelve years ago I found a link to the war on the same day and involving the same great grandfather that represented one of my ancestral Brick Walls.

William Anderson was born on 18 Sept 1764 at Anderson’s Bottom, Hampshire County, Virginia to Thomas Anderson and Mary Bruce.   His father and grandfather were personal friends with George Washington in a friendship that extended decades prior to Mr. Washington becoming the famous American Revolutionary General and first President of the United States.

Thomas Anderson was a well-known Indian and British fighter on the western frontier. After the beginning of the Revolutionary War, he found himself in command of a contingent of Virginia – Maryland volunteers that culminated as a commander in the capture of General Cornwallis.

After the end of the war, the family moved west to Ohio.  When fighting in the War of 1812 started, Thomas’ sons, William, James and Joseph volunteered to fight in the Ohio Regiment.  By mid-year 1814, both William and Joseph were dead, not to enemy fire but rather to the dreaded malaria from mosquito bites.

Since that discovery, I’ve often wished I could find more information about the war and the service that took my ancestors life. 


The years of looking for source material was culminated when I found the article, "United States in the War of 1812" on the FamilySearch Wiki.  It is full of resource links, history, links to military records and much more.

Do you have ancestral family members who fought in that war?  If so, visit the wiki and follow the links to your own ‘yahoo’ day, when its recommendations turn into Research Gold.









The list of resources, links and features on the wiki page continues at length beyond the sampling above.

Take some time and visit the article today.  Don’t forget to bookmark it.  Even if you aren’t aware of any ancestors who fought in war, you may find them as your own ancestral brick walls fall. When you have ancestral ties to the war the article will astound and wow you even more than it does today.

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