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A few weeks ago, I wrote about the Poindexter Project that was announced by FamilySearch.  The project has moved one more step toward general release.

Poindexter becomes FamilyTree where though its interface with the data about your ancestors on FamilySearch and the images and stories you’ve added to your Facebook account, you can create a great personal family history book with just a few clicks.

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The steps are simple.  Confirm your ancestral data in the FamilySearch datfssign-inabase for accuracy.  Add data or correct it using your free FamilySearch account login credentials.  If you don’t have an account, create one.  It will only take a few minutes.  Remember your credentials and go to work on your lineage by logging in to your FamilySearch Family Tree account..


When the data for the first few generations looks good, it is time to create a book.  If you haven’t added photos of yourself and your ancestors to your Facebook account, that is ok.  You can add them later if you wish.  The same is true for stories, interviews, events and places.

To create a free digital book click on the Create Free Book Now button.




You’ll grant the Family Tree application the rights to access certain information on your Facebook and FamilySearch Family Tree accounts for inclusion in your book. 

Organizing your ancestral data is easy using the tool.  We won’t show you the steps here but they will be intuitively simple to do.





Add your ancestral data to your family tree knowing that the data is safely stored 700 feet inside a granite mountain along with all of the other FamilySearch records.





When you are ready, click on the Create My Book button, sit back and let the tool do its thing.  Within a few minutes, you’ll receive an email with the link to let you explore and save your book.




The announcement for the public release of the application is close at hand..  Sign go to the FamilySearch Labs Fresh site today and sign up for notification of news and updates about this great new family history tool.




Once again the genealogy community gets yet another great free tool from FamilySearch!

Do you want to say THANKS! for all of the free FamilySearch records and tools?  Then do so by joining in and Indexing the records of the world that will help everyone on the genealogy community. 

FamilySearch has already paid it forward.  Now it is your turn to do the same and pass the bounty on to the next lucky recipients.


Granite Mountain Records Vault part 1


Granite Mountain Records Vault part 2


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