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Early in my family history research, I thought that I’d never need to research for myPennsylvaniaGenealogicalPublications ancestors in Pennsylvania.  They all entered America through Plymouth harbor and later through New Orleans – or so I thought.

As is true with any genealogist, we quickly discover that any preconceived or early research assumptions are just smoke.  Inevitably, they turn to sand that slips between our fingers as we discover the ‘Rest of the Story’.

That certainly has been true in my own genealogy quest.  I must be a slow learner because the same principle comes back to slap my hands over and over.  Maybe I’ll apply the principle to my thoughts before I announce that ‘I’ll never need to research …. this or that.  You fill in the blanks.  You undoubtedly know the words from your own false assumptions.

And Pennsylvania?  Well, Hello Pennsylvania, home of many of my ancestors. I’m proud to have a claim to your fair state.

Thanks to Google Books, we have a wonderful Pennsylvania genealogy collection to read from the comfort of our homes.

Publications of the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania


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