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FamilySearch is developing a new FamilySearch Center Locator tool to help us find the local FS libraries around the world.  It is still in beta but already has many useful functions enabled.

The locator is currently located in a temporary location but you can run it through its paces by clicking here.




Enter the name of a city, county, state or country in the search field and hit enter.



Lets look for a branch FamilySearch Center in Spain.  The results show that there are a number of them scattered around the country.




Additionally, their locations are shown on a earth view image.   Click on the name of the center of interest on the results list or on the location flags on the map.




An information popup shows the address and telephone number of the center in addition to its hours of operation. 




Two links are also included below the telephone number.  Click on the Directions link for a map to help you find it.




If you enter your current address and click on the ‘Get Directions’ button a full rout map complete with instructions is created to help you get from point A to point B.

The second link on the popup will eventually take you to the webpage for the Center on FamilySearch.   For now, clicking on it talks you to the home page of FamilySearch.




The FamilySearch Center Locator is a great feature that will aid researchers world wide find the nearest Center closest to their current location.   If you bookmark it now, just remember to update the bookmark when the Locator is finally released for full use on FamilySearch.

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