The Last Ride ~ With the Graveyard Rabbit

Genealogists are frequently found ‘haunting’ cemeteries slowly making their waygraveyard_rabbit through the rows of tombstones reading them and talking to themselves as they shuffle along.

If you are a genealogist, you know that it is true.  You probably have a cemetery kit, replete with camera, recorder, GPS, notepad and a selection of extra batteries.  It may even reside in your vehicle ready for use should you pass a cemetery on your way to get your teeth cleaned.

Being one of us, you also collect cemetery stories.  There are bad ones, good ones and great ones.  Some of your favorites aren’t necessarily stories but more in the vein of historical novellas.  The rites and rituals associated with cemeteries and burials throughout the generations is a fascinating subject to you.

The Graveyard Rabbit group has just one such story in their January 2010 online journal.   Enjoy “The Last Ride” thanks to the Graveyard Rabbits and our favorite publisher Shades of the Departed Magazine. Click once to view. Click twice to view full screen.

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