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I have many ‘Yorkie’ ancestors in my ancestral tree and was pleased to find the research information about Yorkshire on the FamilySearch Wiki.  




When I talk to my cousins from Yorkshire, they look at me with a question on their faces and I look a them with the same expression.  We struggle to understand what each other is saying even though we are both speaking ‘English’, or so I thought.  Thanks to the wiki article, I now know that they aren’t speaking English at all.  They are speaking “Tyke”.   “Ahhh, that explains it!”




The article explains that Yorkshire is subdivided into “Ridings” or thirds.




Links to Yorkshire parish records on FamilySearch are called out in the article.  One of my Yorkie ancestral surnames is ‘Farrar’.  Little did I dream that it seemingly was the most common surname in much of Yorkshire.  The article states that there were 1402 parishes in Yorkshire.  I think I’ve looked through the microfilms for most of them over the years.  No wonder it seems like they were limitless.




The Interactive UK map is noted in the article.  It is one of the most used bookmarks in my English research quiver since it was released.




Like most English articles on the wiki, the page ends with the friendly adjacent county navbar that I’ve come to rely on so frequently.




If you haven’t visited the wiki yet, give it a try.  Remember, it will help you find records and resources. It isn’t a name search site.

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