The Huguenot Population of France, 1600-1685

As a descendant of a number of Huguenot ancestors, I am always interested inhuguenotsinfrance finding additional information about their infamous treatment by the King of France.

Philip Benedict’s book, “The Huguenot Population of France, 1600-1685: The Demographic Fate and Customs of a Religious Minority” has answered or at least explored many of my questions about the events and beliefs of the parties involved in the Huguenot persecution in France.

The book tells us that the Huguenot population was probably in the order of 850,000 rather than the 2,000,000 number that is frequently mentioned in articles.

My own ancestors escaped France under the cover of dark and even by leaving their guests awaiting the return of their hosts at a party.   They would not renounce their faith under the almost certain pain of death.  IN my case, they escaped to religious freedom in America, leaving behind their properties, friends and society in France.


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