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New genealogy researchers frequently tell me that they don’t have the financialfs resources to pay for expensive online research sites.  Many of them are on fixed incomes.  Even purchasing a copy of current genealogy software is difficult. 

They admire the charts and graphs I’ve created from my own genealogy research but even when told that they too can create them for now cost, don’t have the tools and knowledge of how to make that dream a reality.

It is easy and it is free.   Let’s see how to make their dreams come to life and learn how to make a timeline using Microsoft Excel or using Libreoffice.

If you don’t have Excel on your computer, Libreoffice is a full suite of office application that can be downloaded for free.  One of the applications in it is called Calc.  It will do everything you need to create spreadsheets and in tis case, timelines.

Libreoffice is found here.

Download and install the Libreoffice suite.  Open the applications, kick the tires and be amazed at the power of the tools you just received for free.

We’ll assume you have a genealogy database or that you have family group sheets and pedigree charts about your ancestors.

Even if you know how to run Excel or Calc, you may not know how to use it to create a timeline.   Fortunately, that training is also Free, thanks to FamilySearch and to Robert Raymond for his presentation of the steps to create the timeline.

The training is called “Using Excel to Create Timelines”.  Take the course at any time of day on your Internet connected home computer.




Robert starts the course with an overview of how the out put fro your chart will look when it is complete as well as screenshots of some of the steps involved in the process.






We won’t take the time to show the steps of the process here.  Robert does that much better in his video.  If you aren’t familiar with using Excel or Calc to for work of this nature, watch the training once before you start your own project and then watch it again stopping it to complete each step in your own project as you follow along.

Rewind the presentation as many times as you want.  it will always be there waiting to help.

FamilySearch has hundreds of free training lessons in their Learning Center.  Each of them hope you’ll pay them a visit and glean the knowledge and ideas they contain for use in your genealogy research life.  Browse through them today while they are fresh on your mind.  You’ll be glad you did..


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