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It is no news to anyone that being connected to the Internet is both one of the best things to happen to mankind but also potentially one of the worst things.

Information, knowledge, communication and knowledge abound on the positive side of the scale.  Unfortunately, poor application of activities head line the same titles on the negative side of the scale.

You have a family and want to keep them and yourself ‘safe’ in the connected world.  How do you do it? 

It stars with knowledge of what can happen followed by conscious choices of avoiding the problems through your actions and through the use of tools to help you avoid the negative side of the spectrum.

The contributors in the LDS Tech group have added many articles to the LDS Tech wiki to help us make intelligent choices in our use of the Internet and in the tools we use for that interface.

LDS Tech Family Safety



The Family Safety articles on the LDS Tech Wiki are fairly comprehensive.  They haven’t tried to be the expert in all categories, referring some of them to excellent articles on Wikipeida, but they have written excellent articles on the majority of the topics on the Family Safety page.






Check them out.  You’ll undoubtedly come away with knowledge and instructions that you always wanted but didn’t know where to find it.

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