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The FamilySearch Wiki has many hidden treasures.  When we are enjoying research successes thanks to the resources found on the wiki, it is easy to overlook the tools or follow the links to see them in action.

Let’s look at a few of them:

Useful Sites


Many wiki articles include a section of Useful Wiebsites that relate to the page.  Watch for them.  They may be in different layouts and presentations but are full of links to online resources you may not find otherwise.  The links come from other researchers who have found them through hours of research in the same area.

Recommended Tools and Training

Watch for these boxes on the wiki.  Typically they are found on higher level pages such as a country, very large city or a comprehensive research topic. 

The tools they link to can almost be called ‘magic bullets’ because they are so full of powerful ideas and tools.


Watch for them start to appear on many more wiki pages in the coming months.  Use the tools to enhance your research experience and success.

Interactive Maps

Interactive maps are scattered all over the wiki.  You can tell if a map is interactive by moving your mouse pointer over the map and watching for the names of counties or subjects on the map to pop up.  The maps are called interactive because clicking on them will take you to the page associated with the name or topic under your pointer.

In the example below, if you click on Knox county, the wiki article for Cuyahoga County, Ohio will appear on your browser.


Some articles include links to special interactive maps like the map for England. 


To find information about Huddersfield, England, I searched for Huddersfield using the search field on the England Interactive Map page and was given this list of results.


Blue flags appeared on the map in relation to each of the items in the search results.

Clicking the the flags brings up a popup window that is full of information and links about the location.




Watch for the interactive maps.  They will help you navigate the wiki and increase your research success.

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