Old Family Photos ~ Who Are Those People?

You’ve seen them.  You may even own them.  Old family photos reside in a favorite position in the family history files of any genealogist.  

Time goes on and many of them loose their  immediate value because the last generation who remembers the names of the people in the photo has passed on from mortality. 

Looking through my own old photo stash today, I came upon a photo taken in the summer of 1944 at the Mutual Dell Camp Ground in American Fork Canyon, Utah.  I’m old enough to recognize many of the folks in the photo even though my own birth would not occur for a number of years after the day of the gathering.

As was her way, my mother marked the photo with a pen making a dot on family members so they could be easily spotted by viewers.  I whish she hadn’t had that habit, but am delighted that the photos survived and that many of them are in my possession.

In the case of this image, she mistakenly identified of of her own sons by placing an ink dot on a neighbor rather than on the chest of my brother who was standing on the opposite side of the row behind other folks.

Looking from face to face, I recognize that the majority of the people in the photo are no longer with us. 

How is the best way to share the photo with their descendants?  I only know of handful of them, so putting the image on my blog is the next best solution.  Along with tags and the name of the location and date, they’ll be able to find it one day if they search  for any of those terms thanks to Google’s excellent search engine.

Alpine LDS Ward at Mutaul Dell American Fork Canyon Utah 1944

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