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Most of us don’t think much about patents that involve genealogy.  We just want to find the records associated with our families.  Patents?  Patent what?  Their names?

When we think of it for a minute, we  of course realize that there are patents associated with certain data storage designs, data access and similar processes in large databases. 

I hadn’t entertained the thought about social interfaces for genealogy being patented too, but there is at least one such U.S. Patent.  U.S. Patent Application US 2009/0319610 AL is a patent application for “Genealogy System For Interfacing With Social Networks”.

genealogy social interface patent

I haven’t looked for more, but I’m sure they exist.  Some patents are good.  Some are bad.  Some are filed or purchased by patent trolls who hope to get rich off of you breathing air.

‘Do you have a favorite pattern or method for filing your hard copy images and research?  You’d better patent it before someone else does.  You wouldn’t want the patent cops knocking on your door because you file documents by surname rather than by document type.  We live in an interesting world at times.

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