1876 ~ Social, Moral and Political Effect ~ Chinese Immigration in California

Over the years, I’ve helped a number of friends with Chinese and Japanese ancestrychinese_immigration_california find or attempt to find the genealogy records about their ancestors.  it hasn’t been an easy task and frequently seems to result in brick walls, but they never give up the quest.  One day all of the walls will come down and they’ll find that one document that brings the wall crashing down.

The ancestors of Chinese American friends entered America during the California gold rush and railroad building periods of America.  It is readily apparent that their ancestors lived through some very difficult days after arriving in California.  Life was hard.  Very hard and there were conflicts seemingly from every quarter.

Fortunately for their families and for us today, they persevered in life, dreamed the American dream and became successful, not only in their lives but in the establishment of their families as well.

The book, “Chinese Immigration.  “The Social, Moral, and Political Effect of Chinese Immigration – Testimony taken before a committee of the Senate of the State of California” give us insight into the difficulties our Asian friends encountered in California in the 1870’s as well as conditions and society in China at that time.

Once more, we say ‘”Thanks” to Google Books for posting this book on their site.

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