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It doesn’t take very long in the life a researcher until we have a pile of hardcopyfilebox documents, notes and photocopies associated with our genealogy research.

It doesn’t matter that we live in a digital world where ‘smart’ workers work in ‘paperless’ offices.

Come on.  We are genealogists.  We love paper.  We love the smell of old documents.  We love their texture, the water marks on them, the age discoloration. 

Yes, we may have all of them digitized with multiple digital copies residing in various hard drives, in the cloud and attached to the computer of a relative across the country, but you’d pay a high price to tug the hard copies our of our hands and homes.

There are a number of methods to organize our paper files.  The FamilySearch Wiki highlights one  of them in the wiki article “Organizing Your Files”.

Let’s look at just a few sections of tis excellent article.


What is the value of organizing your files?


Wait until a stormy day to do the filing or do it now?  That is the question.


Ahhh… Do it now.  We know the stack will become a stack of random sheets,, seemingly of its own accord, if we don’t continually keep them organized, each in their correct location lined up and ready for inspection.

Is there a good method we should consider and use to organize our documents and genealogy papers.   In one word ….  YES.


Is it hard to set up.   In one more word … NO


I’ll let you go to the wiki article at this point.  It takes you through both the though process behind its methods and walks you the physical process.

Spend a little time now.  Read the steps and then engage.  Your research life will be dramatically improved once you have your documents and papers under control and filed using a proven method.   Commit to keeping them organized from now on.  The benefits are numerous and will bring a smile of satisfaction to your lips form now on .

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