Family History by a Ten-Year Old Using Prezi

Genealogists constantly hope that the young folks in their families will take up theadamsfamilyhistory genealogy quest early in their lives.  We want someone to hand our research to when we exit this world.  We hope that our family will appreciate our years of research to discover and document our ancestry.

Ten-year-old Olivia Adams is well on the path of being her family historian and she is using tools that may appear to be pure magic to her grandparents.

Recently, Olivia interviewed her mother to get the basic facts about her ancestry and coupled with that knowledge and her own life experiences, created the “Adams Family History” using the online presentation tool, Prezi.

You can imagine watching the jaws drop as she sat down with her parents and grandparents and told her family story through the magic of a tool based in the cloud.

Congratulations Olivia!  There is a very large genealogy community cheering you on.  You don’t know us and you probably don’t know that we appreciate both your presentation and the fact that even at your young age, you are one of us.

Let’s watch Olivia’s work in the Prezi file below.  Click the play button to manually walk through the pages or click on “More” and select autoplay.

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