1861 ~ Physican’s Exam of William Cullen Lyman

William Cullen Lyman M.D. was born in Cummington, Massachusetts in 1836 to BenjaminWilliam Cullen Lyman M.D. medical article Burgess and Roxanna Packard Lyman.  In 1866, he married Kate Hamlin of Walworth County, Wisconsin. 

He received his medical education at Harvard graduating in 1859.  During the Civil War, he was a surgeon in the Navy. 

Recently, Dr. Norman Herman shared images of Dr. Lyman’s handwritten biography and physicians examination dated Brooklyn, 1 Jun 1861.   The documents are fascinating both from the insight they provide into Dr. Lyman’s life and as a snapshot into the medical accreditation written test of that time for physicians.

Let’s look at the documents.  Aren’t you happy that your physician’s written tests were a little more rigorous than the those administered in 1861?   Along with the genealogy, history and medical communities, I thank Dr. Norman Herman for sharing these documents with us.


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