Pioneer Period and People of Fairfield Co., Ohio

At times it seems like the folks on one side of my ancestral tree loved being the firstPioneer_Period_and_Pioneer_People_of_Fairfield_County _Ohio settlers on the ever expanding western settlement line in America. 

Most of their westward movement was tied to bounty lands and as payments for serving in the military during the Revolutionary and subsequent wars.  They left prosperous farms to the rigors of establishing a new life on the unsettled frontier.

Captain Thomas Anderson and his children left their home in Virginia to settle in Fairfield County, Ohio, a move of not only distance but of a somewhat radical change of social status leaving their celebrated status behind to become sod busters.

Adding information about that part their lives to their histories was much easier when I discovered Charles Milton Lewis Wiseman’s book, “Pioneer period and pioneer people of Fairfield County, Ohio”.  

Thanks to Google Books, I no longer have to travel to the library to reference its text.

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