Elder William Brewster of the Mayflower

Grandpa William Brewster has always fascinated me.  I’ve wondered about theElder_William_Brewster_of_the_Mayflower events in his very early life that established his desire for freedom of worship.  Were his feelings learned from the influence of his parents?  Were they his natural proclivity to want something different?  Or, was he inspired by God to seek a greater truth and establish a legacy of religious freedom that had been lost in most of the world.

I think it was the latter.  His decision to follow his heart in the face of imprisonment was not a spur of the moment whimsy.  He consciously followed his path less followed.

Unlike another of my ancestors, William Bradford, grandpa Brewster was not a practicing journalist recording the events in his life and in the society of his day.  Many others have written about his life and times though.

One of the writers was Justin Winsor who penned the book, “Elder William Brewster, of the “Mayflower”

Thanks to Google books, we can read it online.

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