Moveable Feast Day Calendar for Denmark on the FamilySearch Wiki

If you have done any genealogy research involving Danish records you have probably encountered Feast Days.  There are so many feast days every year, that you really need a list of them to keep track.

Denmark used the Julian calendar until 18 Feb 1700.  They moved to the Gregorian calendar on 1 Mar 1700 which resulted in 11 days not included on either calendar.  The odds are fairly small that you’ll find ancestral events during these 11 days, but be aware of the calendar abnormality.

Fortunately, the FamilySearch wiki includes an article that lists all of the feast days by year starting in 1501 thru 1900.


The index to the Feast Days in each year in between 101 and 1900 is accessed by clicking on the year in the Index.


As you can see below, there need for lengthy Feast Day lists is a requirement.



Many thanks to the genealogy community on the FamilySearch Wiki.  Without them, great articles like this would be difficult to find anywhere else.

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