The House of Gordon

When I first found that I was related to the Gordon family of Scotland, I thought that Ithe_house_of_gordon had it made.  A family that well known had to be well documented.  It only took one trip the the Family History Library to dissuade me from that concept.

I hadn’t realized that while surnames have meaning in Scotland, they don’t necessarily mean blood lineage.  Clan names like Gordon include not only families with the same surname but also large groups of people who were affiliated with the clan and took on the the surname.

Since the days of my naïve ideas about the Gordon’s, I have learned a great deal about my surname-by-blood Gordon family.  It hasn’t been easy and once more serendipity has been a theme in finding the records, but the quest has been very rewarding.

One of the books that has been very useful to me is titled, “The House of Gordon”, a publication by the University of Aberdeen.

Thanks to Google Books, it is now online and available to all of us with just the click of a mouse.    Thanks Google books!

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