History of the Atwood Family in England and the United States

Once my genealogy research reached Plymouth, Massachusetts, it almost seemedAtwood_Family inevitable that my lines would encounter the Atwood surname.It happened sooner than I had anticipated.

David Drew married Elizabeth Atwood in April 1774 in Plymouth and my Atwood journey began.  Elizabeth descends through John Atwood who was Asst. Governor of Massachusetts and his wife Joan Coleson, so finding Elizabeth’s lineage was not particularly difficult.

Since that initial discovery, I’ve ‘suffered’ a little from Atwood fever, meaning, I can’t seem to leave the family alone.  I keep being drawn back to finding more of the descendants of John and Joan.  It is a good thing and has led to me meeting, at least online, a large number of Atwood cousins.

The book “History of the Atwood family, in England and the United States, by Charles Atwood has been my friend through the research process.  I’ve used it as a guide as I’ve searched for the truth about the information in its pages before including the Atwood records to my database.

I’ve been fortunate to find a fairly large number of Atwood cousins over the years, be they alive or dead. 

Thanks to Google Books, the Atwood book Is online and available for all to read .

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