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I frequently write about articles on the FamilySearch Wiki because they are so useful to me in genealogy research.  During every research project, I find myself going to the wiki for knowledge and tips with ever increasing frequency.

When I first visited the Illinois article it appeared to be fairly brief if I only considered the length of the article.  Of course that was before I read the first few word and recognized that the main Illinois page is basically a gateway into dozens of pages of treasure.


Lise Embley, moderator of the Illinois article and sub-articles, along with dozens if not hundreds of contributor have turned the Illinois related articles into an immediate classic example of what to do right on a wiki.

Research by county is easily accessed both the links to articles at the top of the page or via the interactive county map.


Further navigation to articles on specific research topics are found in the side menu.


The bottom of the page includes links to Repositories, Migration Routes (under construction) and Research Tools both on the wiki and sites external to the wiki.


Let’s look at a sample of a county article by clicking on the Williamson County link.

The page leads off with a county location map and the contact information for the Williamson County Courthouse.


It is followed with topics and links that researchers always have at the top of their research plan.  Birth, Marriage, Marriage, Death, Census, Land and Probate information.


Clicking on them takes us to the related section of the article.  These aren’t links to boiler plate anchor paragraphs.  They go to extremely detailed articles or sections of an article.


The same high-level value is found on all of the topic links as witnessed by Naturalization and Citizenship records.   The page is lengthy, full of links, research tips and informational sections.


The Illinois related articles exemplify a wiki subject done right.

Visit the Illinois state article and turn your click finger loose.  Be aware that this won’t be a brief exercise.  There are simply too many excellent articles to allow that to happen.   You’ll find your clicks slowing down as you start to read the information that is flashing by on your screen and the you’ll slow to a scroll timed to the speed that you read.

If your ancestors lived in Illinois, Lucky You!  You’ve just found gold, struck oil or any other “Bonanza” term you want to assign to this treasure trove of Illinois information. 

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