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The folks in FamilySearch are constantly adding resources and links to the FamilySearch Wiki.  The recently added Digital Collections articles by state will undoubtedly be one of the most visited topic series on the wiki.

FamilySearch doesn’t care where the digital collections are located or if they are subscription based or freely available from their own site.  They simply want the links to vital, military, immigration, biographical, census, newspaper, probate and other topics every genealogist uses daily to be available in one article for each U.S. State.

The Digital Collections pages have accomplished that goal.

The articles will always be a work in progress as new collections are made available and existing collections either move to a new hosting location or are sadly taken down by their owner / host.

If we use the search term “digital collections” on the wiki, a multi-page list of all of the collections results.  It is an impressive list as witnessed in this tip-of-the-iceberg screen capture:



Let’s look at the collections available for a few states.  Some states like  Ohio have great lists…..




While others like New York have terrific lists.  It’s all based on the number of available digital collections for each state.







The folks in FamilySearch are doing their best to add all of the viable digital collection links that are available for each state.  Some states enjoy more online digital collections than others, but every state has many valuable collections to aid researchers.

I think we’ll see this type of wiki article for most locations around the world as time goes on.  Some locations, like England and France already have similar articles.

Once again, I’ll mention the great ‘Related Articles’ navigation boxes at the bottom of all U.S. State article and on a host of other articles for other locations and topics.  They are jewels in themselves, giving us on click links to articles related to the location or topic.  If the link name is in red, it means that the article hasn’t been created yet, but is planned.

Visit the FamilySearch Wiki today and look at the Digital Collections article for locations where your ancestors lived.  Block out some time.  You won’t raise your head again for a while and be prepared for aching cheek muscles …. due to the big smile that will be on your face for a long time.

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