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Knowing the history of  the state where your ancestors lived is an essential part of any U.S. centric genealogy quest.  We need to know the movement, activities and bodies politic timelines to help us find records about our ancestors lives.

The FamilySearch Wiki has history pages for every U.S. State.  They are easy to find by simply searching for the state name and history.  Once you have found one, you can easily change to another state by simple changing the state name in the URL.  For example, the URL for the Illinois history page is:  



If you wanted to change to the Oregon history, simply change Illinois to Oregon.   Capitalization of the first character is mandatory.




The same is true for Maryland.   Many of the pages are well populated with both  event timelines and with links to resources that further enhance our historical knowledge about the state.



Coupled with the digital collections page for each state, you’ll quickly find your research moving ahead with focused results.

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