France Emigration and Immigration on the FamilySearch Wiki

I’ve long struggled to find the Emigration records of my French ancestors.  When IFrench_flag first discovered them, I assumed that their passenger records and at least a partial trail of them leaving France would be available. 

I was wrong.

Further study identified most of them as Huguenots, which of course, explains why they didn’t have records both from the timeframe and for the fact that they were fleeing for their lives.

I still struggled to find any trace of those who later left France.  It took a lot of research to find the information now encapsulated in the FamilySearch Wiki article titled “France Emigration and Immigration”.  I wish the wiki and this article would have existed back then.

For those of you doing research on your own French ancestors, the article will be a God-send.   Bookmark it.  You’ll refer to it often.

Let’s look at just a small selection from this wonderful research resource:






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