A History of the Huguenots

I had little knowledge of the Huguenots of France until I found that several of myHuguenot_history ancestral ancestors fled France for both religious freedom and to protect their lives.

The Edict of Nantes signed by Henry IV on 13 April 1598 offered the Protestants at least in words, freedom of conscience to worship as they wanted. 

By October 1685, Louis XIV signed a revocation order of the Treaty the drove them from the country fleeing for both their lives and for religious freedom.

It was a disastrous time for my ancestors who mostly fled during the night with few of their possessions and probably with their heads covered in disguise, lest they be captured and imprisoned or killed.

The book, “A History of The Huguenots” by  W. S. Browning gives us insight in to the events surrounding this infamous period of French history.

Thanks to Google Books, we can read it online.

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