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The FamilySearch Wiki is full of genealogy research jewels.  A day rarely goes by when I don’t discover yet more research gold on the site.

Many of my ancestors came from England. I’m always looking for ways to both find them and their descendants and prove the facts in their lives.  The FamilySearch Wiki is helping me in that quest.

I spend  a lot of time referring to the information on the England Church Records article and using the links that are listed in it.  It is full of the information and references that help me be successful in my research.

Let’s take a look at a portion of the article.  It’s Contents lists tells us that the page will be richly populated.



Church records are typically the source of most of the primary source records that prove events.  Church records were created and stored in various locations. 



What are Parish Registers?  What information is in them?







Research aids constantly refer to Bishop’s Transcripts.  What are they?



I’d read about parish chest records but it took a while to discover what the term meant.  The wiki article gives us the answer.



The article continues at length giving  us links and information about the location of the church records that we can find online and in libraries as witnessed in this brief sample below:



Visit the England Church Records article to enjoy the wealth of information offered there.   Visit the wiki for all of your research questions.  Let it help you be successful too.

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