A Case Study ~ Researching with the FamilySearch Wiki

The FamilySearch Wiki is one of the hidden gold mines that many genealogy researchers overlook in their ancestral quest.  I use it constantly and refer students in my classes and genealogy community groups to it frequently.


Some have said that they have failed to find the wiki useful in their search.  I hear their comments and read their notes wondering if we are both on the same planet because the opposite is true in the experience of most researchers.

A wiki team of Jane Colmenares and Rick Long heard similar comments and decided to use the wiki to research one random person in one of their databases and record the results of their research.

At the end of the search, even they were surprised at the results that were found using the wiki.  Fortunately for us, they have documented their research and have created a video that shows the results in detail. 

The video can’t be embedded here but you can view it in the Family Search Learning Center.

Take a few minutes and watch it.  You’ll come away with an deep appreciation of just how valuable the wiki is to genealogy researchers. 

Try it for yourself.  Test my love of the wiki for yourself. 

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