Sylph Bicycles of 1900

The 5 Jan 1900 Davis County Clipper newspaper included an advertisement for the Sylph Bicycle.  Being used to seeing seeing these old ads and the extremely low prices in the relative to prices today, I was surprised to see the Sylph priced at $100.

What is the relative value of $100 today?  The low value is $2330.  If the money had been invested well in 1900, it could easily be worth $73,400 according to most wealth calculators.

At the ‘low’ value of $2330, how could our ancestors afford a bike that cost that much?  How many families in America had enough disposable cash in their budget to spend that amount on a bicycle? 

There were quite a few apparently.  The Sylph was advertised in newspapers coast to coast if my observations are correct.  Have you found one hanging on the wall in grandpa’s barn?  If it is in good shape, you’ll probably be able to sell it for a lot more than the purchase price when you take it to the antiques market.

Sylph Cycles

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