WordPress Plugins for Genealogy Bloggers

Genealogy bloggers are busy folks.  We spend most of our free time wearing our Sherlock hats looking through musty, dusty old records, both in hard copy and in digital formats.  We all know how easy it is to loose ourselves in the quest to the exclusion of all else.

A fairly large percentage of the genealogy population have learned he value of blogging about their family and genealogy research.  It is good advertising.  Cousins you’ve never met come out of the clouds when they  read your posts about common family members.  They are as happy to find you as you are to find them. 

If you use WordPress to power your blog, there are  few plugins that will help you speed up the process of creating your masterful tomes.

Here are a few that I use and recommend:

Editorial Calendar is in my essential plugin list.  It lets you not only see the posts you’ve uploaded but drag them to another day, open them for editing and even deletion.  The tool looks just like a calendar as you can see in this screen cap from the plugin page.  Highly Recommended.



Flickr – Pick a Picture helps you find images on Flickr that have Creative Commons licenses for use in your blog posts.  Let’s face it, even with all of the photos and documents we acquire in our genealogy research, we still end up needing images to make our posts interesting.   Pick a Picture goes a long way to filling that need.

How easy is it to use?  It is so simple you’ll wonder why you haven’t been using all along.  Simply click on the camera icon above the WordPress edit tool bar and tell Pick-a-Picture the topic of the image you hope to find.  Choose an image from the search results and put it in your post.  Source links will come with the embed.  It is that easy to use.   The icon is seen in this screen cap from the Flickr – Pick a Picture page.



Compfight also helps you find images with Creative Commons licenses.  It functions much like Pick-a-Picture with some difference.  Comfight lets you select an image embed size as seen in the below screen cap from the Comfight page.



I suggest you try both of the photo plugins and see which works the best for you.  I use them both for various reasons.  Rather than biasing your decision on them, I’m not recommending one over the other.  There are enough interface differences between them, that you won’t have any trouble deciding which interface you like the best.  (Not that you may end up uninstalling one as a result).


Thank Me Later is an essential plugin for all bloggers.  It automatically sends a thank you note to anyone who leaves a comment on your blog that you decide to post. 

You add the text of the Thank You note and set the delay time between the comment posting during set up.  It will save you from failing to thank your readers for their interaction as seen in the screen cap from the Thank Me Later page.



I was going to add a few more plugins to this post when I thought of it a few weeks ago.  It isn’t necessary now.   The recent updates of the WordPress Jetpack has included them.

There are many more useful plugins for your WordPress site.  Visit the plugins pages and see if any of them make sense for your site.

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