Pilgrims’ Progress March ~ Plymouth

Growing up far removed from the ancestral homes in Plymouth, MassachusettsPilgrimsPlymouth meant that I’d never heard of the annual Pilgrims’ Progress March while growing up.  The last box of my mothers genealogy contained a bundle of letters between her and a cousin in California that discussed our lineage.  

Several of the letters talked about my great aunt and a cousin traveling from Calaveras County, California to Plymouth several times to visit their grandparents.  They purposely scheduled their visits so they would be there for the Pilgrims’ Progress march so they could participate in it.

I don’t know if my ancestors participated in the parade over the centuries but assume that at least some of them did.  It is too back we can’t look back in time through a lens and watch snippets of our ancestors lives.  I would enjoy seeing mine in full pilgrim attire marching up to Burial Hill


Pilgrims’ Progress march in Plymouth, Massachusetts
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