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The FamilySearch Family Tree is reality.  It has been released to replace the aging new FamilySearch program.

New FamilySearch allowed us to add our genealogy data to the knowledgebase but it was very weak in allowing patrons to create a single correct dataset for any given person. 

FamilyTree fixed that issue by allowing contributors to correct the record of any individual on a line by line basis.  Of course, all of the world will have the same access, so your corrections had better be accurate or they will be changed if you can’t support your claims with documenting sources or detailed circumstantial evidence.

It is expected that any change we make to the record will not only include documentation but also a lucid, thoughtful statement that elucidates the reason for your data change.

A new article on the FamilySearch wiki titled, “How to Write Effective “Reason” Statement in the FamilySearch Family Tree” helps us understand the construction of reason statements complete with examples.

Let’s take a look at it.




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