A Dictionary of English and Welsh Surnames

If you have ancestors from England and Wales, the book, “A Dictionary of EnglishDictionary_English_Welsh_Surnames and Welsh surnames” will be invaluable to you.

It provides us with a full complement of information about the origin and meaning of thousands of surnames in England and Wales. 

Let’s look at a few surnames as examples.  in Yorkshire, an Arkwright was the maker of meal-bins, shaped like Noah’s ark.  A Tellwright was the manufacturer of tiles.  A Slaywright was the maker of looms.  All are found as surnames in England.   However, Allwright, Woolwright and Kenwright are personal names.  They didn’t represent an occupation.

It is easy to see why we need this book to help us understand our ancestral surnames.  Take some time to browse though its pages.  As soon as you think you understand the genesis pattern of surnames, you’ll find a new wrinkle to dissuade that assumption.   

Thanks to Google Books we can read it online anytime.

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