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The main page of the FamilySearch Wiki has been redesigned after a survey of wiki users.  The survey offered respondents four different designs for consideration and comments. 

As expected, the respondents spread their vote across all four designs.  One design reigned supreme and served as the basis for the new main page.  The new page includes links and features most liked in all the designs.

The survey affirmed that the wiki had served intermediate and advanced genealogy researchers very well.  New researchers weren’t similarly taking advantage of it though for  a wide variety of reasons, mostly associated with their lack of research skills.

With that knowledge, the new design offers features focused on all research groups.


Additionally, a new series of articles were written especially for patrons new to the wiki and new to genealogy research.




A links carousel to related articles was added to the bottom of all of the new articles.




All users have been invited to help build the wiki.  Many users haven’t edited a wiki article and aren’t familiar with wiki text.  New articles were created to help them learn the simple tools used to create wiki articles





The volume of excellent research articles for all users has been expanded to include the extremely popular digital collections links articles.





The content of the ever popular Research Outlines was incorporated into the corresponding wiki articles several years ago.  They are no longer available in print.  A large group of researchers still like the outlines in their original format, so the wiki now includes an article pointing them to the digital copies of the Outlines that are hosted at the BYU genealogy library.




The popular Research and Wiki Contributor sections along with the Featured Articles were retained from the original design.

The FamilySearch Wiki is better than ever.  If you haven’t visited it recently, do yourself a favor and do so today.

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