The Book of Life : A Journey Through My Family History on Prezi

It’s not a secret that I like Prezi, the online presentation program.  It’s interactiveprezi_journey_family_history display puts life in presentations.   I especially like it when it is used for Family History presentations.

I’m similarly enthusiastic of when I find young folks engaged in Family History research.

.Both of these favorites intersected recently, when Joshua Klingenstein created a presentation of his family history titled:  The Book of Life: A journey Through My Family History.

In my minds eye, I can see the smiles on the face of his family, instructors and friends when he unveiled his work.  I hope he had the opportunity to show the presentation to a large audience at a family reunion.   it would have “knocked their socks off”.

Congratulations Joshua!   The worldwide genealogy community is cheering you on and with that cheering, they want to see your work, so let’s take a look at it.

Cick on the Play button to start the presentation. Click on the Prezi icon to enlarge the presentation to full screen in another tab. Click on the arrows to advance through it.

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